woensdag 22 april 2009

Couples to test 'intimacy' device


Technology laboratory, Distant Lab, has developed an ‘intimacy’ device and needs three couples for testing it. Especially couples where one of the partners lives in the capital and the other lives a few hundred miles away. The ‘intimacy’ device makes it possible by using a touch-activated ring and a camera to draw in light in each other’s bodies and beds. One of the three developers, Stefan Agamanolis, thinks that they offer a good alternative to text and e-mail messaging. This project even won an award form the Alt-w Production Fund.

I personally think that you cannot take this kind of invention seriously. It is more a fun toy/gadget and using your laptop with webcam gives more satisfaction, because that makes it possible to see each other in person. Most people want to hear the voice or like to see their beloved husband/wife and therefore I think this gadget will have no future at all. We have to wait and see if after testing this ‘intimacy’ device people want to buy this gadget.


2 opmerkingen:

  1. Wow, they really create the most interesting things. Never heard of it. Personally, I do not think that I would choose to buy this intimacy device because of the simple fact that I believe the device makes the contact between you and the other person somehow or other impersonally. I think you did make a nice statement by saying that this gadget will have no future at all. Even after the testing.

  2. This intimacy device sounds like nonsense to me, but maybe there is a small market for their invention. I do think, just like Nickie, that there are better alternatives and I don’t think this project will become a major success.