dinsdag 5 mei 2009

I dropped 7,000 calories – a day

I dropped 7,000 calories – a day

Natasha Cavey, a single mum from Birmingham weighed 26 ½ st (+/- 170 KG) and could not buy any clothes in the UK anymore. Drastic change in her lifestyle was needed. She ate more than 7.700 calories per day, because she suffered from an eating disorder since her childhood.
She followed the tips given by “Fit Squad” and began to eat less food. She also exercised three times a week. Nowadays she is down to a size 12 and 12 st, but she has still difficulties to find clothes that suit her shape, which Natasha states as being an up and down figure.
Natasha’s motto: “If you really want to loose weight, make up your mind and go for it”.

My reaction:
Nowadays a lot of people have to cope with their overweight. Therefore I found this an interesting article to read. The enclosed pictures shocked me, because I had not realised what loosing a considerable amount of weight can do with a person appearance. She looks happy, confident and fit in the pictures. I found it a big achievement that she was able to drop her calories from 7.700 to approximately 1.000. After reading this article I came to the conclusion that you need a lot of will-power and energy to achieve your goal. Hopefully Natasha stays slim for the rest of her life, because I admire her will-power and she deserves it.


1 opmerking:

  1. I do agree with the fact that will-power is the key word to loosing weight. I do not believe that you need a particular diet, like “Fit Squad”, to achieve loosing weight. Just don’t eat donuts and crisps, but eat fruit and vegetables, and do a lot of sport. It’s as simple as that!