woensdag 27 mei 2009

Sexual risk to Britain’s teenagers/speaker's corner

I would like to talk about the sexual ativities of British teenagers. A survey shows that British teenagers have the worst sexual health in western Europe.

Do you think that the government should get more involved to produce campaigns etc.


Sexual risk to Britain’s teenagers

A survey performed by the Public Health Laboratory Service (PHLS) shows that British teenager’s sexual health is the worst within western Europe. Due to the teenager’s sexual activities at such early age could lead to long-term effects. For example: cervical cancer, infertility and infection of HIV. Figures in the survey shows that girls were more vulnerable to contract various sexual diseases, where as the figures for boys were relatively low in comparison. They learned form the USA that educational campaigns could make a significant change in attitude among teenagers.

My reaction:
I was very surprised to read that the British teenagers have the worst sexual health in western Europe. As a teacher of this age group the pupils often speak to me about this subject. They speak very openly and sometimes I am very shocked about their sexual knowledge at this young age. I have not seen any figures about this subject in the Netherlands, but I can imagine that there is not a significant difference between both countries. I think that the teenage culture in the Netherlands is more laid back. Not but not least it is important that all schools in every country produce programmes, classes and information about this subject to teenagers, hoping to prevent the increase in sexual transmitted diseases in the teenage groups.


Asian facing ‘diabetes explosion’

Diabetes is now becoming a global problem and research shows that low and middle income countries are suffering the most. The disease is expensive to treat, so therefore the Asian communities will find this very difficult to deal with. After studies it has become to light that those affected in Asia are very young and therefore not likely to be struggling with their weight. This compared to the West is totally different as sufferers of diabetes are usually due to factors such as bad diet, age and overweight.

My reaction:
I was very surprised after reading the article, which shows the differences between diabetes in the West and Asia, as the outcome showed that people in Asia suffer diabetes at earlier age due to the fact that the diets are changing due to the increase of income. The younger generations are now able to afford more luxurious lifestyle. I am really surprised in the age gap between Asia and the West. In the last part of the article I was very surprised to read tat Asian women are more likely to have gestational diabetes, which to my surprise is diabetes that develops during pregnancy.


Walking often and far reduces risks in heart patients.

Higher-caloric exercises as daily long-distance walking will not only help to loose weight and fat loss but it also reduce cardiac risk factors as well. Researchers published this article in Circulation: Journal of the American Heart Association. The author of this study, Philip A. Ades followed 74 overweight cardiac rehabilitation patients, who did the high-caloric exercise instead of doing the traditional rehabilitation, and the results were extremely successful
There was a significantly greater improvement in 10 heart risk factors and a greater average in weight, body fat and waistlines, but cardiac patients require supervision by medical staff.
After one your both groups were studied and the results were that all members gained a few pounds, but their weight and body fat remained significantly lower. This research is still going on. They would like to determine if it improves the incidence of death and disability.

My reaction:
I think that it is very important to perform researches for this group of patients. The amount of obesity in the population is increasing every year and that could be the cause of heart failures. Loosing weight enable you to walk easier, breathe more freely ad above all you feel a lot more confident about yourself. I also think this should not only apply to overweight patients, but to all age groups. It is important that we eat healthily, exercise frequently and above all, do not smoke.


Tyson’s daughter dies aged four

Mike Tyson’s four-year old daughter Exodus has died, it was owing to a tragic accident. The little girl was playing on a treadmill at home, when her head apparently slipped inside a cord hanging under the console. Another possibility could be that she has put her head in the looped cord and was unable to remove it. She was found by her older brother and her mother has tried to resuscitate her. Mike Tyson was not at the premises when this terrible accident took place.

My reaction:

Loosing a child is the worst nightmare for every parent. I think especially when it takes place at your own home. I am mother of two children in the age of 13 and 18 and the older they get, the more worried I become. Every parent hopes that his/her child will grow up and will out live the parents. If you loose a child caused by an accident or a terrible disease, this would not make the lost of a child any easier to bear, because your loss remains the same. However I think that losing a healthy child that was playing in my own home would make me feel guiltier as I feel responsible for not being able to prevent the death.


dinsdag 5 mei 2009

The Queen's day

I would like to make a statement if after a tragedy as happened at April 30, Queen’s day will ever be the same.

Please read article about the car driver who has crashed into crowds watching a Dutch royal parade.

China denies flu discrimination

China denies flu discrimination

Because of one man who tested positive from swine flu all the other passengers of his from flight from Mexico to Shanghai have been punt in quarantine. Not only the flight passengers but also another 70 Mexican citizens are held in quarantine.
The government of China took these drastic measures, because of the covering up the outbreak of the respiratory disease Sars in 2003.
Everyone is treated well but a Mexican ambassador was not allowed to talk or see the quarantined people. A lot of countries criticized China for taking these out of proportions measures, because China has no evidence that all those quarantined people are suffering from the swine flu virus.

My reaction:
I can imagine that China is afraid of an outbreak of the swine flu and if that would happen China will have a big problem, as the population of China is over 1.5 billion people. However I do not know if the measures they have taken so far are out of proportions. You would think that the Chinese Health Department know how to react in such circumstances. On the other hand it is odd that de Chinese government is holding hundreds of people in quarantine without knowing if they are infected by the swine flu. This kind of actions is for an outsider difficult to understand, but I think that they do it because they have everybody best interest at heart. Better communications could reduce panic and overreaction to the swine flu virus. This would therefore maybe decrease hostilities between countries.


I dropped 7,000 calories – a day

I dropped 7,000 calories – a day

Natasha Cavey, a single mum from Birmingham weighed 26 ½ st (+/- 170 KG) and could not buy any clothes in the UK anymore. Drastic change in her lifestyle was needed. She ate more than 7.700 calories per day, because she suffered from an eating disorder since her childhood.
She followed the tips given by “Fit Squad” and began to eat less food. She also exercised three times a week. Nowadays she is down to a size 12 and 12 st, but she has still difficulties to find clothes that suit her shape, which Natasha states as being an up and down figure.
Natasha’s motto: “If you really want to loose weight, make up your mind and go for it”.

My reaction:
Nowadays a lot of people have to cope with their overweight. Therefore I found this an interesting article to read. The enclosed pictures shocked me, because I had not realised what loosing a considerable amount of weight can do with a person appearance. She looks happy, confident and fit in the pictures. I found it a big achievement that she was able to drop her calories from 7.700 to approximately 1.000. After reading this article I came to the conclusion that you need a lot of will-power and energy to achieve your goal. Hopefully Natasha stays slim for the rest of her life, because I admire her will-power and she deserves it.