woensdag 10 juni 2009

Minister calls for food date labels to be made clearer to reduce food waste


Because of the UK’s growing mountain of food waste, retailers should label their products with only one label the government said. Consumers are confused and misled by the rich variation of food labels. The products should all be carrying “use before” date. The Department of Food, Environment and Rural showed figures that consumers are throwing away hundreds tonnes of food, while it is still healthy to eat.
Retailers do not think that using one label will reduce the food waste, but they should inform the consumers better about the different food dates on labels, because consumers do not understand their meaning. Retailers should work more closely with the government to improve understanding and help customers to make better choices about buying; storing and using food at home and then the food waste will probably reduce. Environment and food secretary Hillary Benn said that over the next decade consumers could have the option of buying anything then by simply taking empty containers back to shops to be refilled.

My reaction:
As reading this article it appeared to me that wasting food is not only a big problem in the UK, but also in the rest of the world. I am generally not confused by the food labels, but due to the labels. I do not drink or eat anything that is outdated. When thinking it I know that I probably can eat or drink the product without any risk, but I do not know that for sure, so I throw it away. Therefore I am also one of the consumers whom are throwing away edible food. Maybe I need to change my attitude and taste or drink it first and then decide if I need to throw it away.


Tributes paid to pregnant woman who was fatally stabbed

Pregnant woman Claire Wilson was without a clear reason, fatally stabbed on a Sunday afternoon. She was seven months pregnant and was expecting a baby girl. She planned to name her baby April. Claire’s boyfriend and family visited the scene and left a few items, such as a “Baby Girl” balloon and red baby’s shoes. Claire’s family is distracted. The stabber, Alan McMullan, has been caught and need to appear for Grimsby magistrate court.

My reaction:

It seems that killing other people has come into fashion, because at the moment you cannot watch the seven o’clock news without hearing someone has been killed. It is awful that this has happened to such a young woman, who was carrying her first child and I feel deep sympathy for her boyfriend and the rest of her family. Loosing a beloved one in such a brutal way makes it a lot more difficult to deal with this loss.


woensdag 3 juni 2009

Ocean search finds plane debris


Since last Monday a French Airliner with 228 people on board is still missing. The plane was heading from Rio to Paris and probably there was a fault, because the plane did not send any distress call but regular automatic alerts for three minutes. This indicated the failure of all systems. There were not only French or Brazilian people on board, but a total of 32 nationalities. Brazilian and French search planes have been searching together for debris of the missing airliner and thankfully they have found some missing debris in waters off Brazil’s coast. It is not confirmed yet that all of the 228 passengers are dead, because they have only found metallic and non metallic pieces. However there is not even a slim change of anyone is still being alive. If in a few days is confirmed that all 228 passengers are dead, then it will be the worst loss of life in Air France’s history and a tragic loss for all the families who are waiting for news.


Almost every year I go on holiday by plane and every time I am relieved that my family and I are safe back home. It is a wonderful way of transportation and they say that it is one of the less dangerous ways of travelling. Driving a car or taking the bus could be more dangerous. When tragic accidents happen I feel deeply moved for the family as you would not wish it on anyone. I hope that I will never get a phone call with the unbearable news that one of my family members or dearest friends have been killed in a plane crash or any other kind of accident. I think that this news would totally destroy my life and I will never be the same person again.

Real 'close in on £56m Kaka deal'


Kaka, the Brazilian star midfielder of AC Milan is a very popular football player and a lot of famous football teams such as Chelsea and Real Madrid are hoping that he will sign a contract for their team. AC Milan owner and Italian Prime Minister Berlusconi does not think that they can keep Kaka in Italy, because of the huge sum of money he has been offered. Earlier this year Kaka rejected a £100m transfer to Manchester City as he did not find this club good enough to play in. Rejecting a £56m offer from Real Madrid seems unlikely.


It is outrageous the amount of money Real Madrid is offering to Kaka to join their football team. I find it unbelievable that Real Madrid wants to pay £56m for just one football player. Have they gone mad? Where does this end. I do not think that there is another sport in the world that is better paid than in football. Sometimes I wonder if people want to become football players because they like to play football or just for the money. Some players do not know how to deal with the attention and status and are some what arrogant.(giving oneself airs)