woensdag 3 juni 2009

Ocean search finds plane debris


Since last Monday a French Airliner with 228 people on board is still missing. The plane was heading from Rio to Paris and probably there was a fault, because the plane did not send any distress call but regular automatic alerts for three minutes. This indicated the failure of all systems. There were not only French or Brazilian people on board, but a total of 32 nationalities. Brazilian and French search planes have been searching together for debris of the missing airliner and thankfully they have found some missing debris in waters off Brazil’s coast. It is not confirmed yet that all of the 228 passengers are dead, because they have only found metallic and non metallic pieces. However there is not even a slim change of anyone is still being alive. If in a few days is confirmed that all 228 passengers are dead, then it will be the worst loss of life in Air France’s history and a tragic loss for all the families who are waiting for news.


Almost every year I go on holiday by plane and every time I am relieved that my family and I are safe back home. It is a wonderful way of transportation and they say that it is one of the less dangerous ways of travelling. Driving a car or taking the bus could be more dangerous. When tragic accidents happen I feel deeply moved for the family as you would not wish it on anyone. I hope that I will never get a phone call with the unbearable news that one of my family members or dearest friends have been killed in a plane crash or any other kind of accident. I think that this news would totally destroy my life and I will never be the same person again.

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  1. Dear Nickie,

    This horrible indeed. When I am travelling by plane, a couple of weeks before we part, I am already asking to everyone: I the plane safe?
    My family gets really tired of me, but it is almost a wonder that such a big vehicle stays floating on the air. If you think af all the stuff that the planes are alse transporting. It is really a big achievement.
    I have inmense respect for the guys that dive into the water to find the black box...Imagine what they will encounter if they finally find the plane somewhere.


  2. I also go every year on holiday by plane, just like many others. I am not scared in a plane but sure I am relieved when I can walk out of the plane.
    Despite this terrible accident that happened, is travelling by plane still the safest way to travel. I feel very sorry for the family of the 228 passenger that did not survive the plane crash. I find it terrible for them that they can not see their loved ones in person anymore.