woensdag 10 juni 2009

Tributes paid to pregnant woman who was fatally stabbed

Pregnant woman Claire Wilson was without a clear reason, fatally stabbed on a Sunday afternoon. She was seven months pregnant and was expecting a baby girl. She planned to name her baby April. Claire’s boyfriend and family visited the scene and left a few items, such as a “Baby Girl” balloon and red baby’s shoes. Claire’s family is distracted. The stabber, Alan McMullan, has been caught and need to appear for Grimsby magistrate court.

My reaction:

It seems that killing other people has come into fashion, because at the moment you cannot watch the seven o’clock news without hearing someone has been killed. It is awful that this has happened to such a young woman, who was carrying her first child and I feel deep sympathy for her boyfriend and the rest of her family. Loosing a beloved one in such a brutal way makes it a lot more difficult to deal with this loss.


1 opmerking:

  1. I do not understand why people have to kill one another. Planet Earth is big enough and there still is enough space. I do hope that he will be sentenced for a long time. There might also be a possibility that he will get off and be a free man.