woensdag 3 juni 2009

Real 'close in on £56m Kaka deal'


Kaka, the Brazilian star midfielder of AC Milan is a very popular football player and a lot of famous football teams such as Chelsea and Real Madrid are hoping that he will sign a contract for their team. AC Milan owner and Italian Prime Minister Berlusconi does not think that they can keep Kaka in Italy, because of the huge sum of money he has been offered. Earlier this year Kaka rejected a £100m transfer to Manchester City as he did not find this club good enough to play in. Rejecting a £56m offer from Real Madrid seems unlikely.


It is outrageous the amount of money Real Madrid is offering to Kaka to join their football team. I find it unbelievable that Real Madrid wants to pay £56m for just one football player. Have they gone mad? Where does this end. I do not think that there is another sport in the world that is better paid than in football. Sometimes I wonder if people want to become football players because they like to play football or just for the money. Some players do not know how to deal with the attention and status and are some what arrogant.(giving oneself airs)

2 opmerkingen:

  1. It sounds like a lot of money, £56m, but Real Madrid will also earn a lot of money when Kaka signs for them. Can you imagine how many shirts Real Madrid will sell with his name on it? A lot, I can tell you!

  2. I do not know the first thing about football, and I only watch when there are important games, such as the Ek and the WK. (Or when Turkey plays ;)) But even I do know that in the football world they spend money freely for a good footballer. it is a lot of money, indeed. But I do not think that they are wasting that much money for just a normal football player, so I think that he has got to be real good.