woensdag 27 mei 2009

Sexual risk to Britain’s teenagers/speaker's corner

I would like to talk about the sexual ativities of British teenagers. A survey shows that British teenagers have the worst sexual health in western Europe.

Do you think that the government should get more involved to produce campaigns etc.


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  1. Hi Nickie,

    I loved your speakers corner subject yesterday. It is an important vexed question in society. But what I liked most was that you told us that your pupils trust you so much that they talk with you about their experiences,bad or good. It is important for these pupils on that age to talk about their feelings.Of course not only parents are responsible for this question, but also teachers and of course the government. Luckily the government is taking care of this problem, as much as possible by sending out television commercials and compaign....I also gave my opinion yesterday in class on this subject, but I also wanted to do it on your site :))