woensdag 27 mei 2009

Walking often and far reduces risks in heart patients.

Higher-caloric exercises as daily long-distance walking will not only help to loose weight and fat loss but it also reduce cardiac risk factors as well. Researchers published this article in Circulation: Journal of the American Heart Association. The author of this study, Philip A. Ades followed 74 overweight cardiac rehabilitation patients, who did the high-caloric exercise instead of doing the traditional rehabilitation, and the results were extremely successful
There was a significantly greater improvement in 10 heart risk factors and a greater average in weight, body fat and waistlines, but cardiac patients require supervision by medical staff.
After one your both groups were studied and the results were that all members gained a few pounds, but their weight and body fat remained significantly lower. This research is still going on. They would like to determine if it improves the incidence of death and disability.

My reaction:
I think that it is very important to perform researches for this group of patients. The amount of obesity in the population is increasing every year and that could be the cause of heart failures. Loosing weight enable you to walk easier, breathe more freely ad above all you feel a lot more confident about yourself. I also think this should not only apply to overweight patients, but to all age groups. It is important that we eat healthily, exercise frequently and above all, do not smoke.


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