woensdag 27 mei 2009

Sexual risk to Britain’s teenagers

A survey performed by the Public Health Laboratory Service (PHLS) shows that British teenager’s sexual health is the worst within western Europe. Due to the teenager’s sexual activities at such early age could lead to long-term effects. For example: cervical cancer, infertility and infection of HIV. Figures in the survey shows that girls were more vulnerable to contract various sexual diseases, where as the figures for boys were relatively low in comparison. They learned form the USA that educational campaigns could make a significant change in attitude among teenagers.

My reaction:
I was very surprised to read that the British teenagers have the worst sexual health in western Europe. As a teacher of this age group the pupils often speak to me about this subject. They speak very openly and sometimes I am very shocked about their sexual knowledge at this young age. I have not seen any figures about this subject in the Netherlands, but I can imagine that there is not a significant difference between both countries. I think that the teenage culture in the Netherlands is more laid back. Not but not least it is important that all schools in every country produce programmes, classes and information about this subject to teenagers, hoping to prevent the increase in sexual transmitted diseases in the teenage groups.


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