woensdag 27 mei 2009

Asian facing ‘diabetes explosion’

Diabetes is now becoming a global problem and research shows that low and middle income countries are suffering the most. The disease is expensive to treat, so therefore the Asian communities will find this very difficult to deal with. After studies it has become to light that those affected in Asia are very young and therefore not likely to be struggling with their weight. This compared to the West is totally different as sufferers of diabetes are usually due to factors such as bad diet, age and overweight.

My reaction:
I was very surprised after reading the article, which shows the differences between diabetes in the West and Asia, as the outcome showed that people in Asia suffer diabetes at earlier age due to the fact that the diets are changing due to the increase of income. The younger generations are now able to afford more luxurious lifestyle. I am really surprised in the age gap between Asia and the West. In the last part of the article I was very surprised to read tat Asian women are more likely to have gestational diabetes, which to my surprise is diabetes that develops during pregnancy.


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